Redneck Chili

This is my recipe for redneck chili Redneck chili recipe 1 and a half pound chili meat 1 large onion 1 large green bell pepper two 15 oz cans tomato sauce tony chachers more spice seasoning cayenne pepper garlic power ground cumin flour dice onion and bell pepper season meat with tonys more spice brown chili meat and diced onion and bell pepper then drain fat in crock pot add water about half to three quarters full add tomato sauce pinch of cayenne pepper one teaspoon garlic power 2 tablespoons chili power 1 tablespoon ground cumin Add two heaping teaspoons of flour to cup of hot water mix then add Bring to slow boil add chili meat and onion , bell pepper cook about 4 hours add water to pot as needed

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5 Responses to Redneck Chili

  1. deathless1983 says:

    flour in chili what the fuck is wrong with you

  2. docmalthus says:

    Looks like an excellent recipe. And I agree, the crock pot was made for cooking chili (and any other soups or stews),
    The Pacific Northwest thanks you!

  3. coopiero1 says:

    u r a mess

  4. belcollege says:

    I’m black and from the Dirty South,but I can’t wait to try this recipe!!!!

  5. MrBarry1011 says:

    Where are you from New York City…….

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